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October 2003 - 2 young Brazilians entrepreneurs decided to start up a painting business in the US. With limited funds they closed a deal to paint 350 townhouses in Jupiter,FL. That was the beginning of company that would turn into the largest painting contractor in the US as well as a General Contractor for renovation projects. The company has been recognized by various top General Contractors and brands in the US, such as Walmart, Publix, Target, Victoria Secret, Fendi, Armani, and many more. The company has completed over 400,000,000 sf of painting in commercial, residential, government, and large high-rise projects throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

Color Factory Inc has over 300 painters working on a variety of projects that includes: Single family homes, mid-rises, high-rises, commercial building, office build outs, hospitals, retail stores, and shopping centers.

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